Components for industrial air filtering systems in Padua

Keep your system in perfect conditions with quality products

Veneta Componenti offers a wide range of components for industrial air filtering systems in Padua, with top quality and safety standards. The complete range of components enables the customers to keep their air filtering systems in perfect conditions. The guaranteed quality of the components for industrial air filtering systems (Padua) is certified for every air filtering system. All our products are made with the best material available and exploiting the latest innovations and technologies on the market. Our qualified staff will recommend the most suitable device for your needs. Veneta Componenti is worldwide known for the very high quality of its products and components. The whole production process is carried out in our company departments. The quality of the materials used and our professional partners have made Veneta Componenti become a leader in the air filtering industry and a reliable and trustworthy partner for all its customers.

You may find in our store:

  • Accessories: sleeves, inspection doors, non-return damper with rocker, pressed profile/mt, brackets.
  • Conditioning accessories: spiral pipes L1000, male plugs, nipples sleeves, male adapter
  • Couplings: two-way couplings, V-connector couplings, three-way couplings, four-ways couplings, multiple heads with 4-5 outputs and 6-7 outputs.
  • By-pass: asymmetric manual, symmetric manual, asymmetric pneumatic, symmetric pneumatic, solenoid valve, manual valve, airtight asymmetric by-pass, airtight asymmetric manual by-pass.
  • Section changes: smooth base hopper, profile base hopper, flat base hopper, adapters, joint adapters, flange joints.
  • Pressed bends R=1, 0 d: bend 6/10 (15°, 30°, 46°, 60°, 90°), 90° bend 12/10, 90° bend 10/10
  • Sector bends R=1,0 d: 15°bend, 30° bend, 46°bend, 60°bend, 90° bend
  • Sector bends R=1,5 d: 15°bend, 30°bend, 46°bend, 60° bend, 90° bend
  • Terminals: Rain cowl, jet cowl, side discharge terminal, air flow stabilizer, cravat, flat coupler, silencers, silencer H1000, silencer with ogiveH1000, silencer with head h1500.
  • Flexible hoses: polyurethane flexible hose, F90 fibre flexible hose, PVC flexible hose, steel flexible hose.
  • Tees : 45° two-way tee, 90° two-way tee, three-way tee, 45°branch tee
  • Dampers: single blade damper, single blade damper S.L., pneumatic single blade damper S.P., blast gate dampers, balancing dampers, atex blast gate dampers, blast gate and circular fire dampers 
  • Stainless steel dampers: balancing dampers, pneumatic single blade dampers S.L., single blade dampers, blast gate dampers 
  • Supports: quick release clip, quick release clip with stainless steel top, stainless steel clamp, small clamp (also stainless steel), clamp with gasket, pressed flange (also in stainless steel), flat flange, various types of clamps, stainless steel couplings, couplings, anti-vibration couplings for fans, supports, pressed supports. 
  • Telescopic supports: wall support, horizontal support, vertical support, double vertical support 
  • Pipes: pipe l. 1000, pipe l.1500, pipe l. 2000, pipe l. 3000, pipe l. 6000.
  • Miscellaneous: accessories for extraction arms, Plexiglas bells, container adapter, container adapter, flexible joints.

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