Industrial air filtering systems in Padua

Make your work environment healthy

Veneta Componenti S.r.l. is specialized in producing and installing industrial air filtering systems in Padua. The air filtering systems are a key element to make your work environment healthy. Our industrial air filtering systems (Padua) are designed and built to ensure the best efficiency and performance. All our products are made with the best material available and exploit the latest innovations and technologies on the market. Our qualified staff will recommend you the best system for your needs. For every product a specialized team will take care of the various assembling and installation phases, in compliance with the current safety norms. We also provide ordinary and extraordinary services. We have many models of industrial air filtering systems (Padua).

Bag filters
Baghouses or bag filters are the most used system in the industrial air filtering plants. Bag filters make your work environment healthy; eliminate gas and micro particulates that may cause problems to the employees. The principle baghousesare based on is the following: dust-laden gas enters the filter and is directed to the cylindrical bags. The gas is conveyed to the filter through a fan, generally in the back of the plant to prevent micro particulates to damage the fan itself and to keep the low pressure in the baghouse compartment. The material the bags are made of is waterproof, therefore gas passes through, but dust does not and accumulates on the surface. A mechanical shaking procedure, generally through compressed air, is used to periodically remove the material (to avoid an excessive weight). The material is then transported or stored through conveying systems (fluidised channel conveyors, scraper chains etc.). Since the residuals are produced during the shaking phase, the performance of a bag filter is higher, when the residual emission is lower and the regeneration of the bags is less frequent. The choice of bag filters must consider many factors, like the temperature and the aggressive chemical gas. The baghouse has many advantages, like low price, modularity and high efficiency with every type of particulate.

Sleeve filters
Dust removal through sleeve filters is a crucial factor for some types of factories, especially in the food manufacturing industry (feed mills) and in the recycling industry (waste disposal plants). Sleeve filters are less subject to wear than the other machineries and components. Furthermore, the design of sleeve filters contributes to the personal safety. These air-filtering systems are perfect for plants which receive and store wheat, seeds and feeds in general. They are perfect for port facilities, mills, silos, storage facilities and manufacturing plants.

Active carbon air filters
Active carbon air filters are ideal to eliminate the bad smell of air extractors. Our filters are made of a solid oxidized aluminium structure and 25-millimiter thick ISOMAC panels coated with apre-painted plate. They are used for extraction systems and dust air filters.

Oil mist filters
Our OMV filter for oil mist comes with drop separators (2 stages), bag filter, digital pressure gauge to read the pressure and collecting bin. The polluted air, coming from the suction areas, before being reintroduced into the environment, is conveyed to the OMV filtering system. After the filtering process is completed, the air is conveyed to the pipes and pushed into the atmosphere as clean air.

Welding fume filters
Our FMT pocket filter enables to eliminate the fumes originated by the welding procedures. The filter is equipped with a metallic pre-filter, a synthetic pre-filter, a rigid pocket filter. Electric fans, joints for the electric fans and the electrical panel are provided as accessories.

Wheeled dust collectors
Our FC series wheeled dust collectors have a heat switch in compliance with the EC norms, a cotton filtering bag, a plastic collecting bag for each filtering unit, a steel fan and a three-phase motor. 

Cartridge filters
FPC pulse jet cartridge filters are equipped with self-cleaning compressed air polyester USGC cartridges with pressure switch, splinker, heat sensor, cycle programmes, airtight collecting bins.

We have various types of Pulse Jet.

In addition to our industrial air filtering systems (Padua), Veneta Componenti produces, sells and installs also many products for air purification:

  • sanding workbenches
  • BA series extraction arm to capture fumes and dust, equipped with extractor fan, damper and coupling.
  • explosion protection system certified by ATEX series PAT for pressures that are higher than the working pressure required for the plant. It may work with high or low pressure.
  • spark detectors series RIV designed to protect the air filtering systems and air purifiers. The detector has an electrical panel, a water nozzle, a ringtone and an electronic valve. Probes.
  • totary valves
  • fans

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